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  JC's Storage - Our Security Advantages

JC's Storage is a new, state of the art storage facility with the best security features including fenced in compounds, and 24 - 7 gated electronic access.

Benefits Overview

High Tech Integrated Security
All three methods of security, video, keypad and door alarms are linked together. This interconnectivity creates a web of security designed to protect your valuables.

Video Surveillance
Multiple security cameras monitor site activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Cameras are located in high traffic areas and at the public entry point. In the event that the unforeseen should occur, tapes can be viewed and perpetrators identified. These tapes can and will be supplied to local law enforcement. Video Cameras also provides a measure of personal security. After and before office hours, rest assured that cameras are still monitoring all site activity. These cameras are located in conspicuous areas, not only acting as a reporting tool but also as a deterrent.

Computer Controlled Entry
When you rent a unit from JC's Storage you can purchase an individual proximity card. This is specific to your account. Only individuals with active accounts in good standing with JC's Storage will have access to the storage facilities. In the event an individual were to gain access to the facility by following a customer or by being let in by a tenant, once that individual is on site their image in recorded on tape, if they were to try an access a unit without using the proximity card, an alarm will sound in the office area and a permanent computer record of the entry made on your account. This timed and dated entry can be compared with the time and dated entry on the video cameras on site. By comparing times and dates we can also determine who was on site during the incident thus producing a list of possible witnesses.

Individual Door Alarms
All units come equipped with individual door alarms which are wired directly to the main computer in our site offices. In the event that an individual were to gain access to the site without a proximity card and entry code, any attempt made to open a unit will cause an alarm to sound in the site office. Records of all activity related to your unit are kept with your file. This can be useful for those people who have given access to associates or family members and wish to trace the units use or misuse.

Moving and Storage Services Moving Supplies
JC's Storage offers a wide variety of moving supplies in an attempt to meet your every need. Our store is stocked with a variety of boxes from small 1 foot square to large wardrobe boxes designed to carry your clothing neatly and safely. We are offer a variety of locks from regular brass pad locks to high security industry standard disc locks.

24 Hour Accessibility
Need that extra time to retrieve your items from storage. You have 24 -7 access all year long. We at JC's Storage understand that not everyone has the same storage requirements.  Our site offers free of charge, moving carts and dollies for you on site while you are moving-in or just moving around. Avoid back strain and frequent trips, use our over sized moving carts to save you time and get you back on the road. Remember, if you are moving we also offer moving trailers.

All-Metal Construction
All of our units are constructed out of corrugated sheet metal. Some storage sites are constructed from dry wall which can crack, flake and be broken down for easy entry. Our metal construction creates a strong barrier that will not deteriorate over time.

New Clean Facility
One of the advantages dealing with a new company is that our site employs that latest in storage security and has been built with the latest advances in building materials. We pride ourselves on, not only the service we provide, but the image we convey.


JC's Storage Co. Location
JC's Storage Co. is conveniently located on Pembroke Street W. (old HWY 17) between Pembroke and Petawawa, directly across from Dick Plummer Marine.  Contact us


  • Member of NAID Canada (the National Association of Information Destruction), which advises the government on how to improve the laws that govern the shredding industry
  • All employees sign a confidentiality agreement
  • All employees have regular criminal background checks done
  • No employee will ever have a criminal record
  • We can supply your company with a Document Destruction Policy
  • We will work with your company to put in place a regularly scheduled document pick up
  • We can supply your company with a securely locked console at no charge
  • All pick ups will have a secure numbered tag on all bags.  This number will be recorded throughout the whole process until documents are destroyed
  • Documents are destroyed in a securely locked room
  • We will provide your company with a Certificate of Destruction

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