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  Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I select the right storage unit size?
A: Click here for unit size guidelines.

Q: Are there items I can't store?
A: Do not store any food items. Do not store toxins, flammable such as paint, oil, gasoline, guns and ammunition or propane tanks. Do not store anything of an illegal nature.

Q: What is the best way to pack my belongings?
A: Label all sides of the boxes and make a reference list.  Disassemble items such as tables, bed frames etc. Wrap and label the pieces so it's easier to reassemble them.

Put hardware in bags and label them accordingly.  Wrap breakables in bubble wrap or plain paper (printed newsprint will smudge and mark your things).

Do not use plastic to cover your belongings as it retains moisture and make sure the boxes you pack are light enough for you to carry.

Q: How do I prevent rust on metal items?
A: Rub a small amount of machine oil on metal tools, bicycles and equipment. Make sure everything is clean and free from debris.

Q: How do I prepare appliances for storage?
A: Make sure that freezers and refrigerators are defrosted, clean and dry as well as all other types of appliances. Keep the doors ajar to prevent mildew and store smaller items inside to utilize your space.

Q: How do I pack electronics?
A: Disconnect all cords and pack in the original boxes if possible. Label all the cords and where they go to make reassemble easier.

Q: How should I store clothing and fabrics?
A: Use wardrobe boxes and hangers to keep them in the best shape, otherwise fold them carefully and store them in boxes. Keep seasonal clothing accessible, you may require storage longer than you anticipate.

Q: Is there anything else I should do once I'm moved in?
A: Be sure to check your unit at least once a month - remember this facility stores your belongings and you are a vital link in keeping it secure.

Be aware of your surroundings when you are in your unit. If you see a problem or anything suspicious alert us at the office immediately.

Do not give out your gate access code or any other information to anyone to access our facility or your unit.

Always use your own access card to enter and exit the compound.

Q: Do I need to give notice before I move out?
A: We ask for 15 days notice before you move out.

Q: Am I required to leave a security deposit?
A: Yes, we collect a security deposit from all of our storage unit customers. This is not a last months rent. It will be returned to you provided that you leave the unit in the condition it was originally rented to you and that all of your belongings have been removed.

JC's Storage Co. Location
JC's Storage Co. is conveniently located on Pembroke Street W. (old HWY 17) between Pembroke and Petawawa, directly across from Dick Plummer Marine.  Contact us



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